Floor, Wall and Wire Sawing

Premium Quality Wire, Wall and Floor Sawing Perth Customers Prefer

When it comes to wire, wall and floor sawing Perth contractors, developers and private individuals trust the experts at Cutting Concrete. We take pride in being the industry’s benchmark for value engineering, quality workmanship, efficiency and attention to detail. Whatever the type of concrete sawing service you need, we can complete the project promptly and professionally.

Choose Experienced Professionals to Wire Saw Your Concrete

At Cutting Concrete, no job is too big or too small. Whether you need floor sawing services for your backyard patio, or you need concrete cutting done for a building complex, our highly skilled, fully equipped and experienced team can handle your needs. Our personnel can accurately wire saw or cut your concrete according to your specified dimension and shape. Our list of concrete sawing services includes the following:

Wire Sawing

This technique involves feeding an impregnated wire through a series of pulleys to form a cut on surfaces or areas inaccessible by other methods of sawing. When you need to remove pieces of heavily reinforced concrete from areas with limited access, then wire sawing is the ideal option for you. You can use this technique when you need to wire saw a bridge deck or you need to remove beams and columns. In these scenarios, the speed of the cut and its depth are imperative.

Floor Sawing

When needing to cut asphalt or reinforced concrete, floor sawing is another option you can choose. Here at Cutting Concrete, our team uses the latest technology to cut depths of up to 700mm in horizontal surfaces such as roads, runways and pavements.

Wall Sawing

When it comes to wall sawing, we mount a diamond blade on a track to cut concrete surfaces both vertically and horizontally, allowing us to form precise openings for a range of applications. With every wall saw project we undertake, we use extremely versatile and lightweight tools. As such, we can use the same method in scenarios where a considerable floor saw is not feasible.

As industry leaders, Cutting Concrete assures customers that all wire, wall and floor sawing Perth services will be performed to the highest quality and safety standards. You can rest easy knowing that we will handle your project with the utmost care and professionalism.

So, whatever concrete cutting services you may need, contact Cutting Concrete today and discover how we can take your project a notch higher.

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